In the Studio – Steam Punk with Jess and Dean

I recently did a post with some headshots for new met Dean Whitehouse, such a lovely guy and so handsome to boot! I met him through the lovely Jess and we had proposed a Steam Punk shoot with the two of them. Dean had a fantastic array of Thrift Store goodies and I had quite a collection of stuff for Jess as well. I was joined today for another rare occasion of having Moth in the studio to shoot as well…generally, he does not do many portraits, but Steam Punk is something that occasionally catches his interest.

We had also brought home some balloon decorations from a big celebration the night before, so decided we really wanted to use them as well – I mean they almost match Jess wig!

The guns? Well they are actually a water pistol and a NERF gun which I spray painted black & gold, I also wanted to attach some gears and rough them up a little, but I ran out of time – still they look pretty good.

Julie Powell_Jess
Jess – Steam Punk

~ Julz