Monday Musings…

Only a few days into my official work holidays and already I have forgotten what day it is! Apologies for running a few hours late, with today’s post.

I have been very busy with business stuff my online class, arranging a new online class for next year and of course, the usual Christmas festivities with friends.

My Mobile phone is just about clapped out (as was Hubby’s) so we braved the crowd yesterday and updated our phones, pretty new Samsung S9, oh my now to set everything up. Fortunately, I had a Samsung S7 before so using the Samsung Switch App I was able to easily transfer most things over, apps, photos, music, documents and more. Still a pain, but worth it for a phone that stays charged.

Today is prep day for Christmas Day, although it will be a quiet one, just the three of us and my parents. My Youngest Daughter is still interstate with her hubby and won’t be joining us this year (again) 😦

Anyway just wanted to wish everyone who is celebrating a Very Merry Christmas..

Julz, xo

Ornament from my tree