Share Your World – 1st January 2019

Can you believe it? January 2019, I hope this year does not fly by quite as fast as last year. Melanie is back with another batch of questions, let’s see if I can go another year without missing too many. I think I only missed last week and maybe one or two while we were travelling, so not too bad.

This Week’s Questions:

For the parents in the crowd:  What would be the absolute worst name you might give your child? If you’re not a parent (I’m not), then what’s the worst name you could give your pet? I have absolutely no idea, my kids’ names are rather unusual and we thought we were doing them a favour with that, it turns out Sharni is not as unusual as we thought and we find someone named that nearly everywhere we go. Kali (pronounced Kaylee) we thought a nice easy name for a kid to learn to spell, but everyone who reads it pronounces it (Karlee) and everyone who hears it spells it wrong! Not to mention at school she was surrounded by Katie, Karley, Hayley, Kelly and a few others as well. Oh well at nearly 30 I guess she is used to it by now.

What mildly annoying curse might you wish you could curse annoying people with? I have always been mildly amused by this curse, I have no idea where or when it even came about…

“I curse you with the fleas of a thousand camels”

What’s the weirdest thing you did as a child? I did a lot of weird things as a child, don’t we all? As a child, we travelled through Europe with my parents, when the money ran out we resorted to ‘borrowing’ food from farms to feed ourselves. I turned into quite a small, fast thief! Thankfully things are much better these days and I don’t ‘borrow’ anything.

Do you believe things happen for a reason or are random? That question is a double edged sword as I guess I believe both to a degree. Many things are just random and cannot be controlled or explained away. True there is usually some scientific formula or explanation for so many things, but the actual act can still be quite random. But other things happen for a reason, climate change, or greed, crime and punishment, hard work and reward. There are many, many things that happen for a damn good reason, the Seasons turning from one to the next, being born, living a life and then dying…the world turns and so does everything else around it and on it.

And Finally, in the spirit of New Year’s:   What’s a resolution (if you make them, I don’t) you’re making for the New Year?   How confident are you in keeping it a reasonable amount of time? Every year I have a word, last year was Braver, before that – Courage. This year I had no idea…it’s weird until I read this question I had not thought about it, but after giving it a little thought I think my one word is….


I visited this blog for a bit of Inspiration –

I wish you and your families a very happy 2019

~ Julz, xo

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