Monday Musings…

Wow! My holidays are officially over for a little while, I did totally enjoy it. I must admit to spending an awful lot of time working on a new project, but boy I got a lot achieved and had so much fun. Hmm maybe I am a workaholic, I mean you think works is a fun activity for a Summer Holiday? To be honest most of it was more like playtime, like a passion should be.

So a brand new look website and I finished one online course and almost completed another. I am really enjoying my new online class platform

Feel free to check it out, one class is live and another will be available soon, is free to join.

Spent my last weekend doing some fun stuff, had a girls day out with a good friend at Red Hill Market on Saturday, loads of fun and some goodies, fresh food, arts and crafts, wandering around in the beautiful sunshine, not so hot has it had been the days before.

We had a wonderful day, finished with a drive out to Mornington and coffee, and a lavender farm, sorry no photos apart from these phone pics.

Why are holidays at home sometimes soooo good? I barely left the house and yet I had so much fun.

Anyway back at work for a little bit, lots of stuff happening in the next few weeks, and then we are off again, on another overseas adventure, but as per usual. more on THAT later.


This is Dexter, an 8-week old Pugalier x Jack Russell pup, our latest addition. Some of you may remember our devastation at losing our Cavalier, Buddy back in August. Our animals have been really struggling, especially Chloe, so it was decided after Christmas we would search. Was not expecting it to happen so quickly, but there you go. Cats are a little unsure but not nasty. Chloe is quietly a watching him but is very good. I think they have all decided they are 4 again, as it should be, as it has always been and Dexter just needs to learn the rules. It may be an interesting few weeks 😁

Julz, xo