Share Your World 7th January 2019

Can you believe the first week of 2019 is already over, I do hope that this year does not finish as quickly as 2018 seemed to? Well it’s time for another SYW

Questions This Week:

Did you have to help out with chores when you were growing up?  If so, what were you assigned to do? Washing dishes, sweeping floors, cleaning my bedroom, that sort of thing, nothing overly taxing, but always annoying when you had something better and more fun to attend to, and as a child there usually was.

Have you ever researched your family tree?   What do you know about your family’s roots? My Mother has, we have a family tree in a book that goes back quite a way, I know we have several members of distinction in the family tree, including my Grandfather, but to be honest, I really have not had much of a look, and not super keen. My Daughters both have a copy of this book as a family heirloom, one is still in its box the other my youngest daughter has researched a bit and used it at Uni.

What’s your cure for hiccups? I usually try to hold my breath, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – life is like that I guess! 😛

What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?  Either figuratively or literally? Mmmm this could be a really long list. My Hubby when he gets the ‘Man Flu’ – all that overly dramatic sighing. My Kids being lazy, again. The dog peeing on the floor as it was raining and didn’t want to go outside. The guy at work who tells everyone where, why and how long he is going out for, taking longer than how long he is going out (again), Where do I stop?


Share gratitude or positive moment or experience from 2019 so far. So many, but I just want to share two for the moment, my private Still Life Group Facebook group (MySundayStills), they have been such an amazing group of women, we are actually having two get-togethers in my Studio, the first happening this weekend, it will be so much fun to put faces and voices to names in the group. Sadly not all can attend due to distance, but it will be fun.

My other is my Friend Sue, who has been a sounding board, a proofreader, a guinea pig, a confidant and a task masker, holding me accountable, even as I kick her butt to spur her into action too. Sometimes you just need someone who believes in you to spur you onward and upwards, right?

Julie Powell_Peony-5

The last few weeks I have challenged myself to do this and learn things I would never have considered 12 months or more ago. I have written not one but two books on photography and both are now available on the Store on my website, I have learnt how to create and set up a new teaching platform, one class is currently live the next will be soon The fact that I will soon have TWO online classes and more on the way excites me like you would not believe. I honestly thought 2017 and 2018 were incredible years, I simply cannot wait to see what is in store for 2019!

I am excited, I am pumped, I am READY!

~ Julz, xo