In the Studio – A New Muse – Richard Wood

Recently, I posted about a new Studio Muse in photographer Emily Soto, this week is Kiwi Photographer Richard Wood, I found him about the same time. I enrolled in his Master Class and have been loving every minute, the fine details, the craft, the imagination, fills me with ideas and excitement, he teaches nothing new as such, just different approaches, different techniques and he is a joy to watch, quiet and conservative, with just a hint of excitement in his voice, this guy loves his craft, but is so down to earth as well.  His styling is very Rembrandt with his Fine Art Portraits and his Creative Images are truly award winning.


This image has already won me a Special Merit in an art competition, so I am pretty happy with that. This one, of course, is Jess, it is always Jess of late in the studio before Christmas. I need to look at perhaps getting some more models in.

~ Julz, xo