Puppy Spam…

As I briefly mentioned the other day, we have a new member of the family…


This is Dexter an 8-week old Pugalier (Pug X Cavalier) X Jack Russell, so a bit of a mixed mutt, that’s OK with us! I hope he has the temperament of a Cavvy, the tenacity of a Pug, and the loyalty of the Jack Russell….minus all the flaws!

He is sweet and loving and very inquisitive, he is not shy but so far not overly boisterous. Which is a good thing considering we have three older animals at home. We took Chloe down to meet him and she was very good, did not even snarl, so we took that as a good sign. She is still very aloof, but it has only been a few days.Β  The cats strangely don’t seem to hate him either, the pup did get a swat on the nose for chasing one cat too often, but Zorro was still fairly gentle.

We wanted a fairly small dog again, after having smaller dogs, we don’t want to go back to larger breeds. He is keeping us awake at night crying, hopefully, he settles in soon. He is named Dexter after the TV show, we have always loved that show and well…we think he looks like a Dexter.

My daughter has set up an Instagram account for him too lol

day_in_the_life_of_dexter (Dexter)

Anyway I am sure you will see lots of Puppy Spam in the coming months, as he grows

~ Julz, xo