Monday Musings…

Have spent the last few days putting the finishing touches on the new Food Photography on-line class, as well as the website. I have also been very busy with some of the ladies from My Sunday Stills group, we had our first Live, Laugh, Create and Share workshop and get together…loads of fun, but I was totally exhausted afterwards.

Our new Pup, who we have had for a week – Dexter AKA The Bayside Butcher and just as psychotic as his namesake, barely 10 weeks old and has drawn blood a few times, boy is he a handful! Forgotten how much work a puppy can be and the mess! But he is settling in, as are the other animals, Chloe will even share her bed, her balls and will play with him.

I bought some new product for photography called Tyvek and used it in yesterday’s Regular Random – just love it, need to get some more ASAP. Will maybe do a post just on them soon too.

My whole life has been spent in the studio and on the computer, of late and sorely need to get out and do a few things I think. We spent Sunday (recovering and chasing after a pup) and then working out places to see and things to do on our upcoming New Zealand trip.

Not much more to report at the moment…here are a few images from Saturday’s workshop

I hope you all have a fabulous week, we are in for more hot weather…

~Julz, xo