In the Studio – Live, Laugh, Share & Create #2

Last week I shared a post about my first My Creative Journey get together, Live, Laugh, Share & Create, this weekend just gone was the second, due to various reason we had a few dropped out and there was just three of us, Lisa and Sue have both shot with me before, so we decided to make it a creative play day, rather than a more formal class.

The week before I had introduced the students to a little bit of Light Sculpting, I did not shoot at all but remembered how much I DID enjoy doing it, Lisa and Sue had not done it before and were happy to learn, so we spent a whole day light sculpting and creating and experimenting, we had a few failures and some spectacular wins. We also did a little bit of Still Life with natural and artificial lights as well.

Hydrangeas with Light Sculpting
Iris by Flash

It was such a wonderful day, spent with creative people…I cannot wait to start my workshops up for 2019, but that won’t be till March. I might even do a Light Painting/Sculpting one.

~ Julz