Mondays Musings…

Saturday was Australia Day (Jan 26th) and in the true blue Aussie traditional way,  we get the following Monday as a Public Holiday…I adore this time of year, lots of Public Holidays from Christmas through to the end of April. I wish I could say I slept in, but I have not had a sleep in since Dexter arrived, but he is settling in and learning the rules.

But as we have to be up early, it does mean we can get an early start and avoid the heat…today we plan on visiting Australia Gardens, this time I am going armed with my macro stuff and I really want to capture the whole Orchid House! Oh, I might have a wander and see what else there is too, but I predominantly want the orchids.

I have been having lots of fun in the backyard, playing with my macro lens, I am putting together yet another online course, won’t be available for quite a while, these things can take several months to put together, but I really do enjoy them…here are some shots from my backyard.

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Totally loving just delving deep into one thing, for two months it was food photography and now macro. I have learnt a lot myself in putting together these classes, sometimes having to do a bit of added research.  I am often surprising myself that I know more than I think I do, I go to look some obscure fact up, read it and then think, man I did already know that lol. I need to stop second guessing myself.

I have been very busy with either a camera in my hands or video, doing so much of that these days, writing, writing and more writing…so much fun. Did you know I have now written three books on photography, well more pamphlets really, nothing over 20 pages…but they are a start. Later in the year, I might try my hand at a more in-depth book on photography.

No shoots, no classes, pretty much closed down the studio for the long weekend and then we need to seriously get ready for our trip and then..BAM! we’re off.

Not much else to say, have a fabulous week everyone…

~ Julz, xo