Summer Outings – Balloon Bursting

My first Official VPC outing for the year, we went balloon bursting, a whole gaggle of photographers (I am not sure what you call a large group of us?), about 50 or so. We met at Shwerkolt Cottage (where we had our Christmas Lunch) and split into two groups, for some hilarious Balloon Bursting fun, we did this twelve months ago and it is great fun, although a little messy. We tied balloon filled with wood and food dye to a photographic backdrop stand (but you could use a pole or a tree branch) and threw darts at the balloons and then captured the high-speed action. There is a LOT of missed throughs, but so good when one explodes, we took turns throwing darts, it turns out I have a hidden talent, I was actually quite good at throwing the darts and hitting my target! Still some life in the old girl yet 🙂

Sadly I was lax in the sunscreen department and ended up quite sunburnt 😦 oh well I should have known better.

~ Julz