The Family Cookbook

This post may seem a little random but bare with me. I have a cookbook, it’s quite old I think it was given to me when I first moved out of home, some 35 years ago. I have handwritten recipes in it, I used to cook ALL the time, cakes and slices and lasagna and jams and preserves, all sorts of things, often with my daughters. Now, these are NOT secret family recipes or anything like that. Stuff that we wrote down out of cookbooks, or from aunts and grandmothers and such. Some are off the backs of cereal packets (remember when they used to do that?).

It’s old and ratty and still mostly have empty, but I had this idea to combine my love of photography and photography books and make a NEW cookbook, with recipes from my cookbook. Then I thought this was such a fabulous idea I would expand on that and make an online food photography course. That was how my For the Love of Food started, but I will be honest I got sidetracked and forgot, got lost up in other ideas, I guess I kind of lost my voice, so I stopped…took a break and then say down with my cookbook and no distractions, nobody else’s pretty pictures and started again. Sure I still had some stuff I could use, but I scrapped a lot of it and opted to start again.


Full of recipes, with a slightly Aussie flair, damper and yo-yos, lamingtons and pavlova…Aussie staples at parties and Christmas for sure.

So keep your eyes on this space…it will be coming soon.

~ Julz, xo