I know I have been a bit MIA, but I am currently sitting at Auckland, NZ airport waiting for my flight home. So, I thought I would write a post and fill you in.

We spent three weeks in the North Island and covered over 5,000kms visited the very Northern and Southern Points, went from East to West and a few bits in the middle. We have seen some amazing things, which I can’t wait to share with you all…once I get my notes and photos in order. We had amazing weather apart from a few days in Wellington, where we had wind and rain and cold.

I have seen Seals, Hammer Head Sharks, Gentoo and King Penguins, dolphins, loads of birds and so much more. We have seen such vast differences in scenery from coast to coast and inland, so many hills and mountains. The oceans on the West Coast are vivid blue and teal, tourquoise, the East Coast is emerald green. I have been on boats with the wind in my hair and salt spray on my skin. I have felt the sun and rain on my skin and felt rejuvinated but exhausted at the same time. We rarely slept in the same bed more than one night.

I have soaked in mineral springs and dined on local cuisine…such a memorable trip.

My favourites? Coromandel Peninsula, Cape Palliser and Rotorua for sure. I think we did eveything on our wishlist plus more. I think it is safe to say we gave the Northland a real good go, next….the Southland.

Give me a few days to sort myself out and then I will start posting of our adventures.