Monday’s Musings…

Holidays are so nice, but they do have their downside…by the time we arrived on our own doorstep on Saturday, we got warmly greeted by animals and daughter (who had been looking after, all six, and was glad to hand them all back!), we had a coffee (Honestly I could not get lactose free in any coffee shop, cafe or restaurant we went too, I would always ask and get told sure we have lactose free – did you want soy or almond milk? Seriously they are milk alternatives not lactose-free…get it together NZ!) So nice to come home and have a yummy coffee without side effects. On a side note, I became slight dependant on iced tea as an alternative to coffee while we were away…but I am rambling.

So we unpacked Saturday evening, simple toasted sandwiches for dinner, even though I felt like something else, I didn’t have the enthusiasm to cook…I mean I have not cooked in weeks. I spent Sunday sorted clothes, washing clothes, writing up notes, cleaning the house, doing food shopping (cupboards, fridge and freezer were fairly bare), and trying to go through 1,000s of photos and my notes. I have managed to get through the first few days so I will schedule some posts shortly, just to pique your interest. It’s really nice to revisit the images and see all the fantastic and cool places we visited.

I will be spending the next few days continuing to sort through images, but also get some workshops up and organised, and continue to work on my online classes. So I guess it is heads down for a few more days yet.

JuliePowell_Whangerei Falls-7

I will catch you all in a few days and on the net 🙂

~ Julz, xo