Our New Zealand Adventure – Day 1

The first and the last day of most overseas adventures are often not very exciting – This post, sadly for some of you, won’t be much different – we spent most of the day getting from Point A to Point B, but still, our journey would not be complete without it.

Day 1

We left Melbourne, it was cold, wet and miserable (it apparently stayed that way for nearly a week, talks with those back home said they put heaters on – IN SUMMER!). We made it to the airport with a minimum of fuss, dropped off the car, the bags and had a leisurely breakfast while we waited for our flight to board (this is normal Moth does not like arriving late anywhere and hates feeling rushed). Even our flight arrived early in Auckland, thanks to a good tailwind. We located our rental car, our hotel and coffee then had dinner, and pretty much fell into bed.

We spent most of our day doing little, but it can still be exhausting.

This was our beast of burden for three weeks

We spent 21 days and just over 5,000kms (5,071kms to be exact) touring the North Island of New Zealand, our plan was to go from the very Northern Tip, via the East Coast to the very Southern Tip, and then up the Western Coast, plus a few side trips into the middle; we pretty much achieved that. We had pages and pages of items on our wish list and apart from one or two, we never found or were closed, we did them all. We rarely slept in the same town two nights in a row, we barely stopped…so let me take you on an adventure, I will show you some amazing sights and tell of grand adventures.

~ Julz