Our New Zealand Adventure – Day 3

Day 3 dawned bright and sunny, barely any clouds and we headed out to the Bay of Islands (approx 90min drive). Stopped at Historical Waipu Cove –

It was founded in the mid-19th century by Scottish settlers from Nova Scotia, led by the charismatic preacher Norman McLeod. Facing economic hardship in Canada, the group went first to Australia and then to New Zealand.

Past some truly stunning scenery and hilly countryside.

JuliePowell_Bay of Islands-3JuliePowell_Bay of Islands-4

Waipu Cove is such a pretty surf beach and the sand is not black and hot.

We drove out to Whangarei (now WH in Maori is pronounced F – so this place can cause a bit of confusion Fangarhay is what most locals seem to pronounce it) and we stopped here for lunch. Then off to Onerahi Marina – the water is SO turquoise, no sand beaches, only pebbles.

Then back to Whangarei to find a hotel for the next few nights, while we explore this area some more. With some daylight still left we headed out to the Waterfall, located right in town, a local swimming hole for some. It is easily accessed and seen from the top, but so lovely and worth the walk down to the bottom, and a fairly easy walk for an old cripple like me :-), it is also lovely and cool in the shade, our days were getting quite warm up to 30°C some days with quite high UV.

We spent a lovely long afternoon playing with our cameras and long exposures, I even brought out the new wide angle lens – so nice. I even got followed by a Mother Duck and her ducklings. We finished off our day with good old fashioned Fish and Chips (or as they say it here Fush n Chups) – well it is a fishing town, after all, and it was said this is the BEST Fish and Chips in NZ. Sad to say it was a bit average.  We ended up having an early night, as tomorrow was the long drive to Cape Reinga.

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~ Julz