Share Your World – 12th March 2019

So it has roughly been a month since I took part in the SYW challenge by Mel at Sparkfromacombustiblemind. Travelling makes doing weekly challenges rather difficult at times, so I just stopped…now to get back on the wagon.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?  If you don’t think Heaven nor God exists, you might want to answer by saying something outrageous, just for fun! Mmm I am not religious, but not exactly a complete Atheist either, but I kind of expect that if He does exist then he might say something like…”Tricked you!” and send me packing lol…or “It’s OK EVERYONE is Welcome” [sorry I could not really think of anything outrageous lol]

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? To be without someone to love me, not just Hubby and my Daughters or Parents, friends, extended family. I think I could survive without my house and material objects but without friends and family…I think that would be truly miserable.

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car? All sorts of stuff and at times, nothing. Frequently what I need to buy at the shops, on the way to the shops, driving home from work, what to make for dinner, sometimes listening to music I might come up with a creative idea and then think on that. Daydream about places I have been recently, or worry about parents, children etc. I do a lot of thinking in the car. Then there are times, when I don’t think at all…first thing in the morning on the way to work I think I am in auto pilot mode.

How would you rate your memory?  In days gone by I wouldn’t have rated it as excellent, I had instant total recall on so many things, mostly useless bits of trivia. These days I find myself struggling for names of places, people and things, PIN and Password codes are becoming a minor issue. Today after a month off work, I arrived at the office and realised I have no idea what the PIN Code for the security system was!!! So I guess these days I rate it as Moderate to Fair…it could be a LOT worse.

What’s one song that always cheers you up, no matter how blue you’re feeling? Just one? There are so many, even sad songs have a way of making me feel better. I guess I really like Ed Sherrins Galway Girl, always gets my feet tapping. Pink – most of here stuff will get me singing along. I was just listening to a John Denver album while driving through New Zealand (I know he seems very out of character for me, doesn’t he, but I still enjoy some of his stuff) we were driving along the coast and Calypso and Annie’s Song played, both bought a tear to the eye, but also a smile to my face. I guess I have a love for music in general, so many different genres, one for every mood. Just hearing music feeds my soul and makes me feel uplifted. Then, of course, there are the sounds of nature; the sound of waves gently lapping the sand or even the booming sound of surf can ease a worried and troubled heart.