Monday’s Musings

I have been a little quiet of late, our first week back from New Zealand was spent catching up with friends, family, washing and photos! Then…I got hit with Shingles! At first, I thought it was a bug bite, then an allergic reaction, by the third day I knew it was something worse and went to the Doctors, he confirmed what a lady at work said – Shingles. My parents have both had shingles, but I guess I never really understood what that entailed…until you have suffered from them I don’t think anyone can, not fully. Mine is located in my left shoulder, down my chest, and across the shoulder into my neck and back, and down the arm.

Imagine the worst ever sunburn you have ever had, then add a 1,000 razor blade cuts, then pour alcohol over it all, hot/ cold, burning sensations all up and down my arm, stabbing pain in my neck and shoulder, if I try and raise my arm I get the shakes. Pain killers just take the edge off, can’t wait to it gets better. So far all I seem to do is sleep (drug assisted I am sure), even light hurts my eyes and I cannot go outside, and it has been such beautiful weather. Thankfully most of my posts had already been scheduled from our trip, which is giving me a chance to slowly go through the rest. I have been off work (Boss is really impressed I went back for 1 day after a month off!), binge-watched a lot of Netflix shows and some movies.

Enough about me…Dexter the pup (remember him) he went in for desexing on Thursday, my daughter took him in, you wouldn’t even know he’d had an operation the next day. Keep him Quiet they say…yeah right!

I saw this stress-free pet collar to stop him chewing his stitches, made from an old pool noodle…THAT last 2 minutes and it was off and chewed on…



So next we tried the good old fashioned cone of shame…let’s see how that goes.

So Dexter (and Ms Chloe) are keeping me company and sane while I am totally feeling sorry for myself…can’t even get any shoots done, I had to cancel a couple already and I think possibly this weekend’s Workshop as well…so sad!

Anyway, I hope your week is better than mine…

~ Julz