Our New Zealand Adventure – Day 13

We woke up early grabbed a coffee and headed out, really not much to do in this part of the world, headed over to Palmerston North to see The Old Brickworks, pretty uninspiring after the Cement Works the other week. Stopped at Opiki Toll Bridge (or what is left of it).

So we continued onto Wellington, via Petone Wharf, what a little piece of paradise (just beautiful), after spending a bit of time photographing the wharf and wandering around we headed off to find our hotel. Which actually wasn’t too bad for a drug den/brothel so expected from the reviews on Trip Advisor, we were even greeted by an Ambulance Medic treating what certainly looked like an overdose in the Elevator, on our return from dinner. Sadly the elevator smelled like an alleyway urinal, the hallways not much better, but the room was fairly clean if not basic. The Asbestos removal from the building next door was a concern so we tried to keep the windows shut, thankfully it was quite cold while we were here.

We ended up back in Petone for Dinner and then drove to Mount Victoria for sunset (not brilliant, but still a sunset) and the city lights. Wellington was living up to its nickname of the Windy City, it had been quite cool and gusty all day, now it was very cold and we were in shorts and T-shirts – we needed to come back another time.

~ Julz

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