Our New Zealand Adventure – Day 15

Woke to grey skies, but no rain so we headed off to Zealandia EcoSanctuary , I know it is vitally important the work they do protecting native lizards and birds here, however, we actually found it a little boring. SORRY. The rare birds, while we spotted a few (Tui and Takahe) in the distance or hidden, but so far away we really could not capture (photography wise) them. We wandered around, tried to check out the old gold mine and got chased off by a volunteer as we had no guide, there were no signs saying we needed one? We walked part way, what is really just a jogging track (lots of walkers and joggers) but not much else. We tried to catch the little boat back along the lake, only to see a sign stating it was not running that day (arrggh!) So we wandered back footsore and disappointed, two weeks in and we were starting to get a little tired.

We stopped at Old St Paul’s Cathedral, we stopped there several times on our stay in Wellington, but it was always closed for a private function, never did get to see the beautiful stained glass windows.

We wandered the city and stopped at the Saturday Markets and the Sea to City bridge and various other sights on the waterfront.

After a bite to eat in an enchanting Batman Themed Cafe called Gotham (was yummy too), we again headed back to Petone Wharf to play with some long exposures while the tide was out and on it’s way back in…lost several hours here, such a wonderful spot.

We then headed back up to Mount Victoria, could not get a car park to save ourselves, so we gave up and went and found some Fish and Chips for dinner. Reportedly the BEST, not sure WHY I keep falling for that. Sadly much like coffee, Kiwis can’t make fish and chips – sorry I love your country dearly but there are just a few things lacking! It was actually pretty good, Moth even got Gluten Free Battered and Fried fish, the chips were good the potato cakes (or fritters) not so great, there are no dim sims in these places either! Poor Moth, the fish or the batter did not agree with him and he was sick all night, not Gluten sick, just something not right sick – it was a fish he had never had (Orange Roughy) and he said it was very rich.

Back at the Hotel to pack up, we were planning on leaving Wellington in the Morning.

~ Julz

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