Our New Zealand Adventure – Day 19

We spent the morning wandering around the Lakefront and then had a fantastic breakfast.

After breakfast we went from Taupo, we drove back towards Napier and finally found Waipunga Falls, an amazing sight from the car park, but no way to safely get down. We missed this and another river on our way to Napier last time, as they really are not signposted, thank goodness for GPS and Google Maps!

We drove through TeHeroto and then to Pungag=huru Falls – very little water running, but such a lovely little spot by the river…so clam and so clear was a little piece of paradise. I am glad not many people come here, just beautiful.

Having found these two hidden spots, we decided to head back over to the other side of the Island to Raglan to see the supposedly spectacular Bridal Veil Falls. Truly wonderful, but such a hike. only about 10 minutes walk, fairly easy to reach the top platform, but it is kind of hard to see the bottom, so many trees in the way. Then 150+ steps to the middle platform and then another 250+ steps to the bottom platform…I stayed with the middle platform, while Moth continued to the bottom. It was so lovely and serene just sitting by the waterfall in the late afternoon sun.

From here we drove over to Hamilton, getting dark by the time we found our Hotel, We had covered a lot of ground today and Moth (who did ALL the driving) was exhausted.

~ Julz

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