Our New Zealand Adventure – Day 21

No rest for the wicked, as they say…our last full day here in New Zealand and we wanted to make the most of it, but at the same time, so footsore and weary, we have been on the go for three weeks, and today were feeling it.


We decided to do some fun stuff, still Touristy…but not mainstream stuff. First Stop was Kelly Tarlton’s Sealife Adventure Park…totally awesome! Could have spent hours with the penguins; Gentoo and King Penguins, so big, I guess I am so used to our Little Penguins (used to be called Fairy Penguins), the staff even cleaned the glass windows so we could get better photos! Such a fabulous place and not just for little kids loved the penguins and the shark tunnel the best. The Antartica Recreations were pretty cool too.

Feeling a little footsore after our three weeks on the road, we really wanted to take things a little easier and quieter today, we visited the Howick Historical Village for lunch and then wandered around for a few hours. Mostly it was locals catching up for lunch of coffee in the cafe, inside there was hardly anyone, and it is such a great spot, still, the fact that we mostly had it all to ourselves was wonderful. It is similar to Swan Hill Pioneer Park, but smaller. Fabulous History too I even found my Maiden Surname listed against the early settlers to boot.

Finally having enough for the day we fought our way through peak hour traffic (a reminder of what was in store for us when we get back home), to our Airport Hotel – quite a flash hotel and we ended up sitting in the bar and reminiscing about where we had been and things we had seen over a few drinks and just completely wound down. It had been quite the trip, everything we had hoped for and more. We were, however, quite ready to be back home again.

Day 22

Our last day has no photos, we got up, did our final pack, dropped off the car, got on a plane and landed uneventfully back in Melbourne to a sticky hot 37°C, grateful daughter and animals all happy to see us. Unpacked and spent several days catching up on washing, and the last few weeks going through photos…such an incredible trip.

Sadly I could not put up every photo I took, but just a few, if you would like to see more I have them up on my Facebook Page in albums under the photo tab…click here

We already have our next trip planned…but you will have to wait for that!

~ Julz

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