Furbaby Friday…Dexter update

Update on our little man…Dexter. Nearly 6 months old and weighing in at a whopping 6.8kg (real big…not lol). He survived his desexing the other week, you would never have known he had a procedure, trying to keep him calm and quiet proved a complete joke 🤣

He is fearless and cheeky and is a friend to everyone he meets, human or animal. In so many ways I wonder if he is not Buddy in a different form, but then he does something so un Buddy like…and I know he is his own man. Perhaps there are some Cavalier King Charles traits that breed true, even though he looks nothing like one. He is actually a Pug X Cav X Jack Russell, I think he looks like a Jack Russell with Pug colouring. He and Ms Chloe have become great friends and playmates even though she is nearly 14 years older than him! She often needs a sleep when he does, however, as he gets older he sleeps less and she sleeps more! The cats still tolerate him, although Zorro no longer lets him get away with puppy terror and frequently smacks him on the nose or jumps on him and rides him like a bucking bronco…quite the sight.

He loves to sunbake on this bed on the back deck, especially now the days are getting shorter and cooler, he was a Summer puppy and has no idea about the cold…won’t he be in for a shock?

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are doing…

~ Julz