Monday’s Musings…

I had a busy week doing not a huge amount really, I released yet another online class, I am on a roll – this time all about Lighting, both natural light and artificial light, it’s the one thing, my students, all tell me they struggle with the most, so it seemed a natural progression. So putting finishing touches on that. Will put the link at the bottom.

Can you believe I also started setting up another one as well, I fear I have a new addiction, but it is the only way to reach people who wish to learn who don’t live near me.

On Friday I had a Photographer friend, Lisa come for a ‘play date’ which is usually let’s test and play with random stuff in the studio – today, Bubbles, Light Painting and Dark & Moody Flowers, still trying to go through all the bubble images, so many 🙂


We played with some more unusual lighting, translucence with glass, baking paper and a speed light.


I spent most of Saturday working on projects, editing photos and such, a little bit of chilling, some Netflix in there as well 🙂

Sunday afternoon, I was back in the studio, this time with Hubby, he had procured two rather impressive Bottles of Scotch, one a rare release for Game of Thrones, House Stark, and another bottle which I am assured is top shelf as well.

JuliePowell_House of Stark
Winter is Coming, House Stark breaks the ice

We then spent a little bit of time (several hours actually) teaching Moth the intricacies of light painting with still life; it really is my new love.

JuliePowell_Thoughts of Darwin
Thoughts of Darwin

I loved that we spent a whole afternoon together getting creative, no flowers, all masculine type of stuff, it all came off pretty cool I think, still editing the photos, will do another post soon.

Now…it’s back to another working week, another long weekend, Easter here in our part of the world. I hope you have a great week…

~ Julz, xo

Capturing Light for better Photography Class