Light Painting – Banksia

I recently featured some Light Painted Images, it was so satisfying to get back into this form of photography, it has been sooooooooooo long. But it also made me realise that to get the details I really wanted I need to get a smaller LED torch and see what I could achieve with that.

So with a $10 LED Pen-Light from the local hardware store (25 LUMENS) I set about spending yet another joyous afternoon playing in the studio. This is a Banksia blossom from the back yard and a vintage bottle and brass dish…

JuliePowell_Still LifeJuliePowell_Still Life-3

Both images are approx 1-minute exposure and I used a 6 stop ND Filter on my 50mm macro lens, also F/stop was F/14. The LED does throw quite a blue cast to the images, so I need to adjust those in Lightroom, I tried in camera and still seemed to get blue regardless of the White Balance in camera, some more so than other settings.

I adore the fine details in this intricate little plant, and I think I am really developing a style and technique here, that I have not reached before…quite exciting.

~ Julz, xo