In the Studio – Dark and Moody Workshop

Every year I host this workshop at least 2-3 times, it never seems to fail. I have other new ventures and offerings this year, but I thought I would start off with the same old D&M Workshop. I set everything up pretty much the same, but I like to offer different subjects and change things up every time, as I often have the same people booking in again and again, but it also keeps me interested. This time around I had four brand new people, one I had previously met at an astro shoot last year, the others I had never met before.

That is often challenging as I do not know them, their camera gear, their own personal skill sets. I also had two men this time, Still Life is not something that often gets the guys in, but they always seem to enjoy it when they do. I offer something a little more ‘masculine’ for them as well as just pretty flowers.

We worked with Natural, Constant, LED and Strobe Lights, with four different stations (one was shared). We worked with crates and vintage over on natural light, some reflections (Specular and Diffuse) and refraction and other cool stuff on the perspex, and of course the popular D&M Corner; which is often a challenge for many people, but when it works it’s fabulous!

Of course, I did not take many pics throughout the workshops, way too busy…but I did grab a few before and after, which are featured below. I frequently do this before to test lights, styling etc to make sure it all works well for the workshop.

I have a few Private Workshops coming up for a Photographic Group and then The Potterage Workshop and The Light Painting with Still Life, which is sold out already, am having to run another! This might be my new thing which takes over from the D&M Workshops…let’s see.

~ Julz