In the Studio – Playing with Light

I had a friend Lisa, pop over to the studio for a ‘play date’, it’s really just an afternoon of trial and error and playing with stuff, plus some yummy food, a cuppa or two and lots of laughs. If you are invited to one of my ‘play dates’ you need to bring a good sense of humour, as often things are a complete disaster, but these disasters pave the wave for something amazing.

Lighted Lily

This strange, but alluring image, was attempted, this was really the only one that worked, but it paved the way for ideas of what to try next time. It was flattened and placed on a piece of glass covered in baking paper, we then placed it over a flash and lit it from underneath…give an almost x-ray translucent type of effect. Cool Huh?

Of I did other pretty things with the image as well…


These lilies were not great to start with and a few hours out of water and under hot lights did nothing for them either.

~ Julz, xo