Fabulous Friday…My OLY OM1

While it’s true I really only got into digital photography about four years ago, my roots into the art go way, way back. Back in the 1980’s I did photography at school, only Black and White, but I loved it, especially the darkroom we could access pretty much anytime we wanted to. I had access to film, as long as I loaded it myself and an unlimited supply of darkroom chemicals and paper…heaven!

I saved up and bought my very own SLR, and Olympus OM1, a total workhorse, sure it was second hand, but I didn’t care. It went everywhere, I shot pretty much anything, most of it bad and blurry lol.

Skip ahead a year or two and I finished school and lost my access to the darkroom, I could not afford to set up my own, and could not really afford all the developing. Then I got a job, and other habits took over my spare time…mostly boys lol Sadly my Oly sat in a cupboard and was forgotten…

Skip ahead another 30+ years and I was looking in a cupboard for something and found my Oly…I am not sure if I could even remember how to roll a film these days, I have no idea if there is even any film in it. I also have a really expired roll of film in the fridge, I wonder?

Anyway…I decided that even if I don’t shoot with my Oly…I could always use it as a cool prop.


I even gave the images and old B&W Daguerreotype processing to finish it off.

Anyway, I hope you have an amazing weekend…have you found any treasures in your cupboards lately? Share with us…if you dare.

~ Julz, xo