Monday’s Musings…

I am four days into the Easter long weekend, then back to work for two days and then another four day weekend, the weather has been glorious…life is good 😁

Friday I spent a quiet afternoon in the studio tinkering with stuff, plus some Netflix bingeing.

Saturday I had a friend come over, she is learning food photography and is a chef, she bought some goodies and her talents with her and we spent several hours coming up with something amazing. I’ll share a few photos later, but they are mostly for a special project. Then being too nice a day Hubby and I grabbed our camera gear and visited Cloudehill Gardens with our macro lenses and light rings. Awesome afternoon finished off with coffee and a few treasures from my favourite vintage collectibles store ❀

Sunday, well that was a bit different. Remember the Zombie Movie shoot? Same people same location, same tank…new scenario. Crush a hot pink Barbie car…why? Oh why not?!🀣

The Sacrifice
The Killer – yes that’s the little pink car underneath

Monday…well it is still early, clouds poobahhed a sunrise shoot, it’s cloudy and drizzly and I have like a gazzillion photos to edit…maybe I need a few more? I maybe I need to knuckle down and finish the ones I have?

Time will tell, time for another cuppa and then to see what the day unfolds…I hope you all have a glorious week;

~ Julz, xo