Monday’s Musings…

Things have settled down again after my two extra long weekends in a row, sad but true. I spent the weekend either setting up for, running or recovering from two back to back workshops, it was exhausting, but so much fun…just not sure if I am game to try that again, but you watch I probably will.

I barely pick up a camera in my workshops, but I generally try and snap a few once I am set up, just to test lights, make sure the styled scene ‘works’ etc.

I have been so busy with writing articles for Photofocus, now a fully fledged member of that team (just getting my head around it all), working with some really cool people, it’s a lot of fun. There will be another article next week.

This weekend is Mother’s Day so I have planned a nice quiet weekend, nothing fancy, just some quiet time.  The weekend after I have another workshop and then it will be work, work, work from then on, so many workshops, they keep booking out, so I keep getting asked to arrange more. I was trying to limit to one per month, but that is already been blown out of the water, so I am trying to limit to 2 per month.

On Another note, I also won a Special Merit and an Honorable Mention in this month’s Light, Space and Time Animals that is awesome.

Anyway, that is enough of me rambling on, whatever you are doing and where ever you are, I hope you have an awesome week…

~ Julz, xo