Autumn Outings – Barbie’s Last Crush

Somedays the universe throws something a little strange your way, years ago I would have laughed it off as something silly and said pass, these days I find we often have the most fun at these ‘silly’ opportunities…so when Moth and I were invited to watch a Pink ‘Barbie’ car get crushed by a Centurion Tank – we said “Sure, why not – we’ll be there.”

You may remember the Zombie Film we were asked to shoot the Behind the Scenes footage for back in October last year? Well, a few of the AMCA guys and support staff invited us to a fun event over Easter. Funds had been raised to reimburse the owner of the Hot Pink car, as well as hiring the tank (these things are not cheap to run) – they made a whole weekend out of it, camping and such, we just went for a day trip.

Firstly the poor car was put through its paces doing things that would not be normally done to this sort of car, then the anger aggression therapy started, a few people took to the car with axes, pipes and sledgehammers, bogged it in mud and did burnouts, dragged it out with one tank and then run over and crushed it with another.

Possibly this seems a bit daft to some, but it was actually a lot of fun to shoot, the guys all loved the video and photos. You can watch the video here on YouTube

It was a weird kind of day, but the sun was shining and we have made some really interesting connections with this group…I think there will be more shoots in the future, just probably not car crushing, I think that has now been DONE!

I have learned (and I know I say this over and over) life throws strange opportunities at you, sometimes you just have to follow the trail to see WHERE it takes you, the unexpected can lead to some glorious adventures.

~ Julz