Mondays Musings…

Julie Powell_Vintage-28Yesterday was Mother’s Day in our part of the world, and possibly in many others as well. Long gone are the days of weak tea and burnt toast in bed with the kids, I was actually the first one out of bed, Hubby got the lay-in, although to be fair he did get up at sunrise to let the dogs out. While you think “That’s not right,” I did get a sleep in the two previous mornings and he had to work a six-day week…so all is fair in love and war, as they say.

I had no clients and no classes this weekend, I figured everyone was probably caught up with Mother’s Day stuff, and it meant I got a lovely quiet weekend.

Friday was so cold and miserable I did not even leave the house, put the heater on and curled up on the couch with the dogs for a Netflix binge session, watched Good Girls…so good. Honestly what was life like before Netflix? Also watched Dead to Me with Christina Applegate as well…oh my that was fab too.

Got into the studio on Saturday for a bit of a play, some vintage stuff. Will put some pics up soon. Speaking of Vintage stuff, I am with a friend, organising a good old fashioned vintage/antique shopping spree and lunch day out with the ‘girls’ should be loads of fun. I also had an attempt at gluten free and dairy free scones…my my my, what a disaster, flat and heavy and not very tasty. Will stick with normal scones from now on lol.

Sunday, of course, I caught up with my parents for afternoon tea. (I ended up buying them as my scone attempt was so bad).

And now…its Monday again. Super excited about my workshop at The Potterage next weekend, totally booked out, so that was fantastic. I hope it goes well, as I would love to run another session in Spring.

Well, that’s about it…I hope you have a lovely week.

-Julz, xo

P.S. The gold edged teacup and saucer I found just recently it is so sweet, the flowers were from my Mother’s Day flowers from my daughters, SO many flowers could barely fit in two vases! Will show some more soon, wait til you see my roses.