An artists palette

Learn to create unique and beautifully crafted images in Photoshop & Topaz using these painterly techniques, with Award Winning Digital Artist – Julie Powell…BRAND NEW!

What’s it all about?

How do they create such painterly images from simple photos?

Invariable the most often question I get asked is, “How did you DO that?” or “HOW did you create that background?”, with my Digital Fine Art pieces, the soft tones, the painterly ‘feel’ the softness yet with all the details.

In this class, we look at creating backgrounds, but all HOW I create my images, in detailed screen capture videos. Follow me as I edit each image. There is an audio commentary on what technique was applied, when where and how. There are Speed Edits to see in a few minutes an entire piece come to life, as well as Photoshop walkthroughs that discuss various approaches and learn new skills, like the Mixer Brush.

What’s included?

The Ultimate in behind the scenes access, learn Photoshop like never before, to create your own unique and beautiful art, from your own photos. There are over ten individual images with complete access to HOW I created each and every one. There is Bonus Fine Art Texture Pack developed especially for this class, including HOW to create your own.


Q – I don’t have a big fancy DSLR or many lenses

A – That’s OK too, you can use a point and shoot camera or even your Smart Phone, you can more often than not use whatever lens you currently own, pretty much any camera, as long as it is in focus, we can create art from pretty much anything.

Q – I am not really very proficient in Photoshop

A – I do NOT cover the basics in Photoshop in this class, it is aimed at users who have a basic understanding of Photoshop, including layers and masks. However, I cover enough to get you started in my Photoshop 101 classes, on my Digital Artistry website…and it is are 100% FREE.

Q – How much time will it take?

A – Most classes are small with videos are around 10 -20 minutes long(some a little more or a little less). This is a self-paced class and once purchased you have lifetime access, no hurry at all and you can revisit each class as many times as you wish.

Q – How much is it?

A – Special introductory price AUD $99.00 for everything, that is less than $10 per class

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~ Julz