Autumn Outings – Redwoods of Fantasy

In Warburton we have some Ancient Redwood Forests, which feel very mystical, I am totally unsure as to what powers if any, they truly hold, but it ‘feels’ very old and mystical amongst the trees. People often build giant ‘nests’ from fallen boughs. I cannot help but feel a sense of wonder as I stand amongst these towering giants.

I have done numerous photoshoots here, Dapper Rabbit started his journey here, I create Rapunzel and a few other bits and pieces. Plus I love to just wander around, feels so good to connect with nature.

So when Moth & I were invited to attend a Cosplay Event here, how could we say no? Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Anime, Gamers – a myriad of costumes and characters, sadly I did not know them all, so I was on a huge learning curve to remember them all, or even how to best pose them, thankfully most of these guys knew THEIR Stuff, so I just had to capture it.

Now it is VERY Dark in those woods and I needed to take the Speedlight (off camera flash) and a softbox with us, NOT my favourite way to light my subject – too harsh for my tastes, but you do what you must. I was suffering from Battery and Gremlin troubles that day, I swear I put brand new batteries in everything, but they still kept going flat? Yes it was cool, but not overly cold, it was weird and frustrating I did not know any of these people and it made me look like I HAD  no idea what I was doing lol. Oh well, it was interesting, to say the least, I got some great photos and the Cosplayers loved them. What on earth am I ever going to do with these images? I have no idea!

Moth and I followed this up with a wonderful snack and hot coffee from the Warburton Bakery, great range of Gluten Free cakes there too.

~ Julz, xo