Vintage Kodak Brownie

I recently purchased a Kodak Brownie Six-20C circa 1946 – 53, I have always liked vintage cameras, but I am no collector, for starters, there is the cost and then storage – I mean I have enough junk, where do I put loads of them? But I do have two, my Olympus OM1 which I purchased second hand when I was a teenager and recently found again, and now this little box Brownie, sure they are probably a dime a dozen and it only cost me $20, but I think it is so sweet and reminds me of simpler times. That is probably as far as I will go, but that is plenty enough for me.

Julie Powell_Vintage-9

Type: Box roll film
Introduced: 1946 Discontinued: 1957
Film size: 620
Picture size: 2 1/4 X 3 1/4″
Manufactured: UK
Lens: Meniscus f/11, 100mm
Shutter: Single blade