Monday’s Musings…

It’s been a bit of a busy weekend, but not at the same time…a long overdue visit with a photography friend who lives a couple of hours away, we catch up when we can and take turns but it is still a five-hour drive there and back, we occasionally make a weekend of it. We did not really have a huge amount planned, just to catch up, chat and discuss business ventures. She has a violin I have been itching to get my light painting tools onto…so that was my first wish.

Julie Powell_Violin-2

There was, of course, plenty of other photos to come, Saturday Hubby and I lounged around the house, not doing much, went out for lunch and a bit of shopping, then spent the afternoon and evening finally catching up on Game of Thrones…I know, I know, slack isn’t it – but I need to binge watch not watch a bit each week šŸ™‚

Sunday was an Australian Animal Critter Encounter with my VPC camera group, I have done this before, a year or two ago, similar animals, but a few new additions as well. Still going through all of those two, but here is just a few to get your going…

Not much else happening for the rest of the week, need to catch up on some paperwork and get ready for the start of my Light Painting sessions, I have four booked over the next six weeks, and a LONG wait list, so THAT will be interesting I am sure.

It is always a bit nerve-racking to teach something new, I have been teaching Dark and Moody Still Life for three years, and although it is different people and different styling and scenes, it is pretty much the same thing, The Potterage last weekend had me very nervous to start with, but such a wonderful afternoon. I am sure the Light Painting will be the same, especially once I get into the groove of things.

Lots of posts planned for this week, it seems I still have some editing to catch up on, and now this weekend I have added even more šŸ˜¦

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo