Aussie Animal Encounter

I recently, with Hubby and a few photography friends, did an Aussie Animal Encounter, such wonderful fun (assuming you are not squeamish about reptiles and some insects), sadly my WordPress account is quickly running out of room and I am only showing just a few of the very best images I took, there are more on my Facebook page if you are interested.

We got to see (in order of appearance) Australian Leaf Insect (Not pictured my images were a little fuzzy)> Albino Darwin Carpet Python > Central Bearded Dragon > Centralian Rough knob-tailed Gecko > Giant panda snail > Green tree frog > Red tail black cockatoo

Such an amazing afternoon were some very curious Aussie critters. Sure it costs money to do this, but we split the costs between all of us, works out far more economical to do things this way.

~ Julz