Monday Musings…

A whirlwind of activity, three days of creativity and fun, Friday I spent in the studio putting finishing touches on an online course, of which they are really starting to take off. Shoot, videos and edits kept me on my toes, which was just as well, cold wet and by the end of the afternoon torrential storms lashed the area. Good night to order in pizza (I guess you need to feel sorry for the delivery drive!) and a movie, John Wick 2.

I spent a wonderful day on Saturday with a friend Vintage shop hunting for a day out we are planning with one of my Facebook Groups, we met at a store spent two hours (and possibly a little too much money) on some goodies…so many goodies lol I have not even had time to unpack and take many photos at all, here is just a sample (apart from the dried roses), everything was bought Saturday…heavenly

Julie Powell_Boxes-2

Sunday was an early start to get in a long-planned shoot with model Jess and HMUA Emma, so good to get the band back together after over six-month break from Conceptual Portraits. I did so many last year, I just stopped feeling creative, but eventually, the urge and my Muse gave me a kick. Slowly, with more intention and planning, we arranged costumes and ideas for a Zodiac-inspired Taurus shoot. Jess, of course, is a Taurus. I wanted something more mystical, earthy, but feminine…here is just a small taste of our first staging.

Julie Powell_Taurus

Still, many more to edit and will show you more later. I adore working with Jess and Emma, it is such a familiar and easy camaraderie.

It’s another long week at work, some fun stuff planned for Friday and then a weekend of workshops, these workshops are surely keeping me busy, with another round just released for August and September!

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo