Share your world – 18th June 2019

Another week stuck at work, some say I should be grateful I have this job, to help support me while I grow my business, true I have a job, while many others don’t…but it drives me nuts, honestly I think I could walk away right now with no regrets. Still not 100% sure why I don’t? At least I can play on my blog and other stuff to keep me sane. So to this week questions;

If you were suddenly injured or died, are your bedside table drawers ready for someone else to go through them?   If you care to share, what’s the most unusual item someone might find, that might be potentially embarrassing? Mylanta, a few papers, a whole heap of stuff I should throw out, my old reading glasses, my eBook, junk, junk and more junk. Make a mental note, I guess I should really go through it!

What keeps you going?  (However you might interpret that is correct.) I guess the thought that one day I can and will walk away from this dead-end job. The days of NEEDING this job are gone. I have been here so long nearly half of my adulthood, I guess I am too comfortable, as much as it drives me nuts, there are no real surprises, apart from the fact I still have it at all.

Apart from that my business, my imagination and creativity drive me all the time, my wish to grow my business into a thriving one that supports me enough to do it full-time, or at least part-time so that I can spend the rest of the time at leisure or travelling.

Share a photo or a sentence about ‘your favourite thing(s)  Of course there is always my Hubby, my children & family, my friends, my animals – but they are not THINGS, they are people (yes even the animals are people – just ask them 🙂 , so this is about one thing, my true love,…my beloved camera, ultimately this is what makes all things possible in my life. It taught me so much and has taken me to so many wonderful places, both real and imaginary. My joy, my business, even my current sense of self would not be without this one little piece of technology. Sometimes the Brand and Model come and go, it is the essence of the thing. My current love is a Sony a7ii mirrorless camera and my 50mm macro lens.

Still Life-7

At the end of the song “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.,  where did they all go? I don’t think I have ever seen that video before, or if I have I never noticed that everyone disappeared, I have no idea where they went, to meet a UFO? For coffee and doughnuts?

Julie Powell_Firefly Magic
Firefly Magic

Whatever you are doing this week, I hope it is filled with Magic…

~ Julz, xo