In the studio – wine & cheese #1

I recently spent some time in the studio with Hubby, while still life is not his chosen genre (he likes landscapes and long exposures, astro and such), he wanted to create a still life type image with wine and cheese, just needed my help with staging and styling.

We actually went all out on this piece, new timber cheeseboard and knives, new glasses (well we needed some anyway) and a new bottle of red.

The first image…below was with an octobox on a studio strobe bounced off the ceiling to keep reflections to a minimum. I adore the dark moodiness of the shot.

JuliePowell_Wine and Cheese
Wine and Cheese 

I got a lot of comments on social media about how delicious it all looks…funny thing is, I do not drink wine, especially red wine, I am also lactose intolerant, so I ate none of the cheese…Hubby got to enjoy all that! I did eat some grapes 🙂

Next, we turned off the lights and got the torch out, but I will save that for another post.

~ Julz