Monday’s musings…

Why is it Monday’s seem to come around so quickly? Friday was spent putting the finishing touches on an online class, shooting, video, edit, repeat and then a bit of chilax, it had been a bit of an emotional week…nothing I really want to get into, but sometimes you just need some me time! Somethings in life are just mentally exhausting.

Saturday I had another fabulous Light painting workshop…I think I am starting to iron out the kinks and my set up. Always the way when you start trying to teach something new.  I love testing setups before to check everything works and looks good, I also love playing after people leave, trying out perhaps something they did that inspired me.

Julie Powell_LP-5
Still Life with Eucalyptus

This scene was partially set up by one of the students, I moved a few things around, removed a few things and added some more, just to make it my own…I really love the tones from my hand painted background, these wonderful dried leaves and the fob watch and pearls…I should have also added some lavender, would have been divine as well. I am not normally a green person, but the tones and hues of this image are so soothing.

Sunday saw the launch for my new online portal Behind the Studio Door which opened in the morning for the Early Birds, feel free to check it out and have a sticky beak, maybe it will inspire you to sign up too. Love to have you join us.

This weekend is something exciting; Brooke Shaden is coming to Melbourne for her Sony Alpha Promoting Passion Workshop, the photos I have been seeing from other venues, countries etc have been quite exciting. I have been waiting for months for this weekend to arrive. I have a few artists friends coming in for this workshop too and we are planning a catch up on Sunday as well.

So…I guess it’s going to be a long week, so I hope whatever you are doing you have a wonderful week. If you are going to see Brooke on Saturday, let me know, perhaps we can say Hi!

~ Julz, xo