Mondays Musings…

I am going to be honest, I spent most of last week suffering from a headcold, curled up on the couch binge watching Netflix, Prime and such. So not a huge amount got done. I did edit a few photos, but the rest of the time I slept or watched TV.

Friday I had a friend come over ( I think I was over the worst of it by then) and we spent some time playing with fruit on lightboxes.

Light Box Fruit

Lisa also bought the most amazing coloured orchids & some yummy cherries. A post will come eventually with more images.

Saturday was another of my Light Painting workshops, sadly I spent so much time talking I pretty much lost my voice again (yay says my Hubby jokingly).

Julie Powell_LP2-2

Then more time in front of the TV, I have caught up on The 100, Handmaiden’s Tale, Greys Anatomy. We also watch Good Omens (now THAT’s a quirky little show) and now started the lasted instalment of Stranger Things.

So while I finish getting over this headcold, I will continue to take things easy, I didn’t even do last week’s Share Your World, hopefully, this week I will be a little more productive.

~ Julz