It’s not every day you get to meet your hero…

Many, many years ago I picked up a camera, no secret there. At first, I wanted to learn to shoot beautiful landscapes and waterfalls…and I did. But it was never enough. There was something missing. I stumbled across a young artist by the name of Brooke Shaden, her work set my mind on fire, like flicking a switch. Her work was dark, surreal, beautiful…I HAD to learn more.

Through Brooke, I learned about Conceptual Art, and Compositing, I learned storytelling and creating images, she taught me Fine Art and Photography and led me on journies of discovery. I also found other artists near and far who took me on other journeys, but Brooke was still my Hero.

I watched Brooke grow as an artist and an educator and she enthralled me even more. She is so generous and so talented and so giving. I found myself wanting to be just like that, too.

Three years ago she came to Melbourne, but sadly I could not get a ticket, it is one of my big regrets, so when I was offered a ticket to her Promoting Passion Tour, I didn’t hesitate and just purchased it…that was several months ago. I just had to wait.

We had had a break in the horrid Winter weather, however this day the weather returned, so cold, and windy, wet and wild, a good day to be inside. It is difficult to explain WHAT Promoting Passion is all about, legacy, passion, healing, the creative journey, community, togetherness and so much more. It’s about the excuses we tell ourselves to keep from being our truest creative selves – Entrapment, Hiding, Fear, Self-worth, Holding on and the Little White lies, the untruths we tell ourselves.  We find our greatest self through what we create, What we create is Who we are.

Once we can be honest about what we REALLY want, we can let go of the Shame about wanting that, we can briefly grief for the person we once were, and then Trust in ourselves to be the person we WANT to be…THAT is some fairly heavy stuff, for sure.

By replacing stability with Purpose, we can make ourselves happy. I know I seek a career that gives me purpose and makes me happy.  By pursuing my purpose, I can create my own stability.  What I do is not just a hobby, it is an overwhelming passion.

Brooke taught me, My Legacy is:

  • to Teach what I know, then learn more so I can teach more.
  • to be seen, to be known as THE GO TO PERSON for Still Life and creative lighting
  • To inspire creativity in others
Julie Powell_PP2019-7
Brooke & I

“Rivers know this, there is no hurry, we will get there someday”

~ Winnie the Pooh

We went kind of deep, and while this may sound airy-fairy to some, it was not all doom and gloom or earth-shattering breakthroughs. There was lots of laughs, discussions on ALL things related to creativity, photography and business. We had some poetry, music and so much more. We had a mini-workshop with four models, and different setups, big bay windows a grand piano and more.

Julie Powell_looking for inspiration
Looking for inspiration

Unless you were there, it really is difficult to explain, but we spent the day explore ourselves, in a large safe group. We explored our truth and our lies, our creativity and more.

Well, I guess that is enough of my ramblings, I am still going through the images and deciding what to create, the one above is the only one so far, but you may see a few more. With poor and challenging lighting (everything was green!), and so many photographers, it was difficult to get amazing shots, but I have learned to work with what I have.

In light and inspiration…

~Julz, xo