Share your world – 9th July 2019

QUESTIONS:   Now I realize that everyone doing SYW doesn’t live on this side of the world and on the other side of the world it’s now winter.   So substitute, if you’d like and if it’s more appropriate, “winter” for summer and answer the questions that way.   

Yes here in Australia, it is Winter, I am NOT a Winter person. I hate being cold and everything else it implies. I do however enjoy being snuggled up on a couch under a blanket with the dog, or snuggled safe and warm and cozy in bed under the doona. But I am getting ahead of myself…now to this week’s questions.

Are you a Summer person?   A Winter person?   Or one of the other seasons suits you best? I used to love the Summer, the heat, being in the pool or at the beach, but as I have gotten older I have found a great appreciation for Autumn. The light is better, not so harsh, there are better sunrises and sunsets, the days are still pleasantly warm and occasionally hot, but the nights are cooler, which is easier to sleep. I adore exploring and luckily we tend to get a longer Autumn each year. Each Autumn we usually go away, this year it was New Zealand, last year Tasmania, next year? I have no idea…we have nothing planned as yet.

What is your favourite summertime clothing?  I love being able to wear just shorts or cotton pants and a T-shirt, or a light cotton dress. I hate having to be weighted down by layers and layers of clothing, loose and cool and free, that how I prefer it. Oh and bare feet or ‘flip-flops’ or jandals (we call them thongs here).

Do you find yourself eating out more during the summer?  Or making ‘cold food’ like salads and stuff you can heat in the microwave? We do tend to eat a lot more salads and BBQs in Summer, we also go for picnics in the evenings, or sometimes fish and chips at the beach on a hot summer night, that is always wonderful. In Winter we rarely eat out and prefer to order in. In the evenings at least. I do not like to go out much when it is cold and dark.

Do you like watermelon?   What’s your favourite summertime treat? Yes, I do like watermelon, but for me, it’s cherries and mangoes. We are lucky, even though it is Winter here, we have been getting wonderful Summer cherries from the USA, they have been delicious. Our cherries are more often than not more sour than the sweet ones we get from the States.

black and white, cherries from the weekend


Are you thankful it’s finally (sorta) dry and warm? Envious and jealous is more like it, we have had a few brief days of glorious sunshine, so I really shouldn’t complain. It is only mid-July and I am so over Winter, short cold days, grey and drizzly. We don’t even really get that cold for snow usually. Just grey and drizzly and boring. I am also suffering from a nasty head cold, which is making me grumpy. Can you tell?

I had the most amazing weekend the other week but paid for it with this cold, and now it has settled into my chest, the coughing is driving me (and the whole family) crazy. I had a Doctors appointment first thing this morning, but they rang to tell me it was cancelled and made me another appointment for this afternoon. It’s all such a bother, I am sure it is just the germs talking, but I am short tempered and everything seems to be niggling at my ANNOY button. I want to do things, but then give up because I feel so blah! God I hate being sick!

Not feeling terribly inspirational right now, red and puffing, coughing and hacking and wheezing with a running nose…oh what a sight!

Chat next week, when hopefully, I am feeling better and in a better mood.

~ Julz

P.S. This damn cold is also the reason I didn’t post last week!