Winter Outings – Melbourne Zoo

Last week we visited both Healesville and Melbourne Zoos, after not having been to any zoo in a while. Healesville is all about Australian Native animals and such, Melbourne is a little more eclectic, sure there are some Australian species (which we did not get around to), there are elephants, lions and tigers (saw none). We spent quite a bit of time on Lemur Island and then watched the Gorillas and had coffee with the Meerkats. Melbourne Zoo, like many zoos, is building animal-friendly enclosures for the inhabitants of the zoo, while this is great for the animals, not very good for the visitors, often you do not spot the animal as it is off hiding, or it is so far in the back you can barely spot it. As a photographer I found that frustrating, I know it is better for the animal, but I wish there was a better compromise. Still, I adore the monkeys and primates, gorillas and lemurs. We did not get around to the giraffes, lions and African species. We did not even do the seals and penguins. We still have our newly acquired yearly pass, so I am sure will be back.

We also spent a long time this day in the butterfly house, but I will save them for another post…so many photos!

Yours in light and inspiration…

~ Julz, xo