Monday’s Musings…

Sadly I am moving into my third week with this cold thing, can’t seem to shake it and Docs aren’t helping much, so I have not been doing much. I am trying to stay away from people as much as possible, sometimes I just can’t avoid being in the same space, but no hugging, no touching and spray everything with disinfectant.

To say I have been watching a lot of TV is an understatement, Hubby has now gotten it as well and we just don’t sleep between coughing all night and have no energy for much, after work, can only take so many sick days. It has been so wet and cold, which is not helping at all. I feel like a leper, don’t want any visitors and I don’t wont to visit anyone else. I have no idea if it was just a head cold and then I caught some viral thing (which is what the Doc thinks), I am not sick…sick, just blah, big time!

Anyway, on Friday I did brave the weather for a shoot that has been months in the planning, and it was our only shot, model/circus performing Gemma leaves Melbourne for good this morning to head back to Brisbane and then six months in India, Friday really was now or never, still I was not standing buck naked in the outdoors holding flaming torches, I was rugged up to the eyeballs, poor Gemma, we rugged her up as often as we could, but it was still VERY cold and later in the afternoon.

Julie Powell_Dragon-17

I will post more soon, but for now, I will keep you in suspense. I briefly felt OK on Friday morning and made a cheesecake, then briefly shot it on Saturday, even though I did not really feel ‘it’, the things we do. I am starting to put yet another Food class together, plus it is always good to keep my hand at it, the family does not complain about having to clean up either  🙂

That’s about it, I hope I start to feel better soon, big weekend coming up, and I would hate to cancel it.  Whatever you are doing this week, stay safe and dry and warm (or cool if you prefer)…

~ Julz