Light Painting Workshops

So I recently ran another of my Light Painting workshops, that’s 3 of 6 down so far and I am starting to develop a pattern, a flow for the workshops. It’s funny the day of this workshop was actually warm and sunny and very pleasant for a Melbourne Winters day, and instead of enjoying the best of it, we were sitting inside in the dark, completely oblivious to the joy outside. Funny old Melbourne weather.

Julie Powell_LP2-2

This is just one of the scenes I set up for the workshop, we have three stations and I create a small scene on each of them, then the students can change them around, or completely remove it and create their own from the table of props I set up. I do it this way, as I find people a little overwhelmed, to begin with, and grateful to just shoot whatever is there. Once they get the hang of settings and feel a little more comfortable, then they are happy to start playing with props. I also try and offer slightly different props for each class, I don’t want everyone to walk away with the same images.

Do you live in Melbourne? If you are interested there are still a few spots left in some classes in August and September…

~ Julz, xo