The painted dragon

Several months ago I was asked if I was interested in a collaboration with circus performer Gemma (I am sure you remember the Pyro Princess?) and a body painter I had not met before, Lucas from Living Colours. Sure! why not I said, I adore working with Gemma, she is such a creative person and we work so well together. Sadly Gemma is leaving Melbourne, so it may be a while before I see her again, but we are hoping to do something next year (can’t believe I am already planning stuff for next year!)

Gemma and Lucas spent approx six hours creating the fanciful dragon look, mostly scales and such to go with the minimal costume Gemma wore, she made the scale armour and headpiece herself, so talented.

It had been a very cold and wet week in Melbourne, so we were a little concerned with the weather, we had a backup plan, but thankfully we had a break in the rain and managed to shoot in Gemma’s backyard. We had a flash on a stand with a softbox and ring lights on the camera…with the flames and the wind it was challenging, still, I was NOT standing there buck naked in the freezing conditions! Gemma, as always a trooper and graciously went through her paces and we shot as quickly as we could. This was not exactly something we could choreograph and just had to go with the flow. It’s nice to get back into some portraits again.