Monday’s Musings…

It has certainly been a mixed bag and a completely crazy busy few days. From a whole day in the kitchen and studio, with more food photography, more test recipes and more shots. Oh and some eating too lol, this week seemed to focus around tomatoes.

Julie Powell_The Pour
Blistered cherry tomatoes, grilled chorizo on watercress and bay leaves with balsamic dressing

So many dishes this week ended with a wonderful bruschetta which was devoured with some friends with a glass or two of wine after they finished work on Friday. I put a text out to pop over if they were free for bruschetta and wine, didn’t take long for acceptances back 🙂

Saturday was another Light Painting class, was a great afternoon, someone brought in some vintage cameras, owned by her Dad who had recently passed away and even his service medal (Armed forces) so I had a play with that too 🙂


I had purchased this great wooden corbel on a recent hunting trip and had not got round to using it yet, so I decided to play with it before everyone turned up, and yes I still had cherry tomatoes left from the day before…

Julie Powell_Toms

Sunday, was another day in the studio, this time joined by Desley for a Winter Wonderland shoot with Jess and HMUA Emma. Desley worked with Jess and me before on a few shoots, Boho Forest Fairies and Broken Dolls, also so much fun to bounce ideas off each other, Desley and I do other fun stuff too, still life, macro and such, but it has been a while. I went looking in the archives, but so many posts! But I did find and link the two above! Great stuff. Well, this time the theme was Winter Wonderland. Oh my! Here is just a little sneak peek, white on white with smoke and tulle and so much fun, seriously wait til you see these.

Julie Powell_Winter Wonderland-3

Oh and then we turned the lights off and got the torches out…

Julie Powell_Winter Wonderland-2

And yes, for those that may have spied it, Jess’ eyes are completely WHITE, special contacts were worn for this shoot, so creepy!

Now to play catch up, the studio looks like a bomb went off, after three days of shooting, need to sort that out before this weekends’ classes!

I will be back soon with more images, but now I hope you have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo