In the studio – Ballet Slippers

Pretty much everything you see I snagged on a recent vintage shopping spree, it’s kind of scary seeing it all laid out like that, in fact, I just finished my taxes and what I actually spent last year on props is scary as….need to back off a bit!

  • Hatbox – $5
  • Lace doily – $4
  • dried hydrangea – $8
  • vintage tin – $5
  • whitewashed books – $15
  • music sheets x 2 @ $2 each
  • white linen – already had
  • ballet slippers – already had
  • crown – already had
  • dried roses – already had
  • small bird cade – already had

I saw all this in my head as I unpacked my haul, so pretty the kind of thing that screams of dreams and denied wishes. Fairy-tale kind of stuff, but dark and moody as well. I also started creating a new set of Lightroom Presets to go with these. Will finish them off soon and post a link in the near future.

~ Julz